Bilco UK

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 11:00 - 11:30

This session provides exclusive information about roof access solutions, roof safety and natural smoke ventilation for flat roofs.

The presentation outlines current practice regarding the supply of smoke ventilation and roof access and discusses new design considerations and applications as a result of the latest Building Regulations, with particular reference to the areas of fire, safety and security.

It also includes best practice guidance for installation of roof hatches and natural smoke vents, such as ensuring the correct choice of ladders and demonstrating how new principles have been applied to ensure the highest standards of safety and functionality.

5 key learning points for this session:

  1. Exploring the purpose and reason for access
  2. Identifying and overcoming access challenges
  3. Designing safe access to the roof and through the floor and ensuring safe movement around the roof
  4. Considerations for Natural Smoke Ventilators and how to use them for infrequent roof access
  5. An overview of regulations and standards