Thursday, September 30, 2021 13:00 - 13:30

An overview of all the references relevant to Flat Roofing in Sections B1 – B5 including review of Regulation 7 (‘The Ban’) and Regulation 2 (the interpretation) of Approved Document B - Fire Safety-2019 Edition (use in England). Examining the confusing areas of waterproofing balconies, dressing membranes and insulation up walls with reference to contributions from MHCLG, BSI and NHBC. This will be set in context of what are the requirements for Flat Roof testing for Reaction to Fire and External Fire Exposure. This will be a timely reminder of what the fire regulations have traditionally required of flat roofing and what has changed.

5 key learning points for this session:

  1. References to Flat Roofing in ADB 2019 Edition (England)
  2. Regulation 7 – The Ban
  3. Guidance on Balconies
  4. Guidance on Wall Flashings
  5. Flat Roof Fire testing