15:15-15:45 - SPRA - Dr Ronan Brunton

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 15:15 - 15:45

A critical aspect in wind load analysis is determining and applying the correct factor of safety during the calculation process. In this session guidance is given on the use of factors of safety (FoS’s) and how they are applied to the different single ply application methods incorporating different deck and system types including; Mechanically fastened - design criteria for membrane and insulation fasteners, fastener pattern and pull out requirements. Adhered – maximum design resistance, FoS, testing, refurbishment and bonded overlays. Ballasted – restrictions, ballast type and inverted and green roofs.

During this session delegates will learn: 

1. The key points regarding regarding wind load design for single ply roofs

2. Information regarding calculation software

3. The importance of training and competence of individuals carrying out wind load calculations

4. About the need for consistency in approach to wind load calculation

5. About the need for consistency in the interpretation of results