14:15-14:45 - Bauder - Nigel Blacklock

14:15 - 14:45

30 years of experience in the flat roofing industry with market leading roof system manufacturers has given Nigel a unique insight into both the UK and European markets. Having long been an active member of most of the key Technical Committees for flat roofing, both National and European, provided a well-rounded view of the current standards and their history.

Relating to Fire Nigel is currently an active member on the Factory Mutual Advisory Council for Europe, is a member of the TC127 WG5 (Fire on Roofs) and its UK mirror FSH/22/-/8. For other flat roof related committees he is on various CEN TC254 Technical Committees in Europe and the UK BSI mirror B/546 Technical Committee, the NFRC Joint Flat Roofing and RBM Technical Committees and the Roof Suppliers Group, he is a long standing Chair of the SPRA Technical Committee and regular contributor to the LRWA Technical Committee.

Nigel Blacklock, Technical Director, Bauder Ltd