Safety Fabrications to exhibit at RCI Show 2024

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

At Safety Fabrications we pride ourselves on making our customers access and safety visions a reality. We have developed our Ascent™ range of products to achieve this. Our Ascent™ products are designed, tested, and manufactured to meet the most stringent industry requirements.

Our location in Sheffield, UK is no coincidence, we are at the heart of both the UK fall protection & manufacturing Industries – allowing us to pull on a wealth of local expertise in the development of our products.

We have developed the Ascent™ product range of Aluminium walkways, Ladders, Step Over Units, Stairs and Fall protection / Abseil Posts to meet the needs of the Fall Protection, Access & Safety Industry. Adherence to safety critical design & quality standards is essential in this sector. Our products are manufactured following Factory Production control Procedures to CE / UKCA and tested to the appropriate British & European standards.

We welcome enquiries from Architects, specifiers, engineers, contractors, and installers. We are able to provide comprehensive design and specification support and have a team of Technical Sales people awaiting your enquiry.

We have developed our products working with input from Roofing sector experts.

Our Ascent™ Aluminium walkway is suitable for use on Standing Seam, Composite, Built up on Site, Slate, Tile, Fibre Cement and Membrane roof types and we have developed fixing details to suit each application. The Ascent™ walkway can be levelled, stepped or laid to the falls of the roof. It can be supplied both with & without guardrail. The walkway surface is free-draining & anti-slip. Wind-loading calculations can be supplied as required.

The Ascent™ ladders are available in both Mild steel galvanised & Aluminium and are similarly versatile. They have been developed to suit a wide range of applications, with fixing details varying depending upon building style.  Ladders can be supplied with or without hoops, with platforms at the head to clear a parapet wall or with simple step off details when accessing directly onto the upper roof surface. Where buildings are greater than 10m high, multi-tier ladders can be provided. Where access to the roof is via a hatch an Ascent™ companionway ladder or vertical fixed ladder can be provided.

The Ascent™ Step over Units have been developed where access is required across a roof surface and there are obstacles to overcome. These are typically used to get over rooftop plant, air-conditioning ducting, and pipework. The Ascent™ Step over units are available in either Mild steel galvanised or Aluminium – they can be supplied with Rubber spreader feet to minimise penetrations to the roof surface.

The Ascent™ Fall protection and Abseil posts have been developed to provide BS 8610:2017 & BS 7883:2019 compliant anchors for reinforced concrete roofs. The posts are available in a range of heights to suit a range of insulation build ups.

The Ascent™ fall protection and rooflight covers are designed & tested in accordance with ACR(M)001:2014 (Red Book) to afford worker protection when adjacent fragile surfaces & rooflights.

The Ascent™ Hatch-guardrail and Ascent™ guardrail to standing seam roof are both aluminium guardrail systems designed for roof-top specific applications. Theya re both developed working with our roofing sector partners to minimise penetrations to the roof covering and maintain the waterproof integrity of the roof whilst affording the worker maximum protection.