Mayan Roofing Systems to exhibit at RCI Show 2024

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Mayan Roofing Systems is a true pitched roofing innovator.

A True Innovator

Mayan Roofing Systems is a true pitched roofing innovator. With the combined might of hundreds of years of collective knowledge in design and manufacturing to call upon, Mayan already possess several patents for novel, innovative, and high-performance products that are revolutionising areas of the slate roofing market. Ancillary products like our secret and dry-fix, natural slate, ridge tiles and ArmouredSlate Tile, a lightweight natural slate roofing system, are perfect for large scale and low-pitch roofing projects.

Mayan’s RealRidge range marries the timeless beauty of natural slate with the high-performance of a modern, discreet, chemically bonded glass fibre laminate to create a strong and long-lasting, natural slate ridge tile. The best-selling All-in-One is a high-end performance product providing the aesthetic of 12mm calibrated natural slate coupled with a dry-fix solution that does not require roll-out ridge kits. Utilising a secret fix design, all fasteners are hidden from view, creating a sleek, continuous line of ridge tiles whilst the roof benefits from a permanent ventilation grille to provide the necessary continuous 5mm of high-level free air ventilation.

All-in-one RealRidge

The success of All-in-One RealRidge led to the development of other versions to suit different aesthetics. SlateDry uses a more rustic looking 9-11mm thick slate with dressed edges and permanent free air ventilation; and Overlap RealRidge is a beautiful and ingenious natural slate ridge tile which as with all the other types is perfectly designed for hips as well as ridges.

With RealVerge, another natural slate product, but designed for finishing the roof at the verge; and apron ridges that facilitate the transition between high level flat roof and pitched roof, Mayan’s products really do allow the designer and contractor to ‘finish in style’!

For further innovation, we look to the Armoured range of systems. Also available in natural stone, the slate roof version, ArmouredSlate Tile is a unique system for mounting natural roofing slates in a single lap format. By using the patented Armoured GRP plate, the traditional appearance of a slate roof that is so important is maintained. The ingenious curved design simply hooks over the batten as a single pre-formed unit, with the slates already attached.

The single lap tile system uses 43% less slate and the slates are smaller, lighter and easier for roofers to handle. Another bonus is that 20% less batten is required compared to double lap slate roofing.

The lightweight, high performance ArmouredSlate tile system will allow natural roofing slates to be used on many projects where it was not previously possible, replacing the need to compromise on appearance by using composite or plastic slates. A significant design detail for some; a major aesthetic benefit for many; and a crucial requirement for satisfying local planning authorities in certain locations.

ArmouredSlate Tile with SlateDry RealRidge

At below 20 kg/m2 (as low as 15.4kg/ m2) the ArmouredSlate roof can be used on applications where previously synthetic slates were the only suitable weight alternative to natural slate. Real slate can now be used in lightweight or low pitch applications, with all of its long life, weathering performance and aesthetic benefits.

A lighter roof means that with ArmouredSlate, high performing, low pitch slate roofing is now a solution for extensions and the commercial market as well as being ideal for conservatory roofs, timber frame, industrial applications, mobile homes/chalets, and offsite production.

BROOF(t4) Fire Performance

As you would expect, but not necessarily get from a pitched roof covering, ArmouredSlate has been fire performance tested in accordance with BS EN 13501-5 by Building Research Establishment (BRE) and it achieved a BROOF(t4) classification, the highest performance level achievable by a roof construction. This means that when subjected to external fire exposure there is no penetration within 60 minutes and fire spread is restricted so, allows for use right up to the boundary.

Best BRE Performance – Wind Driven Rain Test

BRE was also called upon to prove ArmouredSlate’s weathering performance and put it through its paces in accordance with PD CEN/TR 15601:2012. The ArmouredSlate system was tested in extreme weather conditions (maximum rainfall and high rainfall with high wind speed) at various roof pitches to establish performance. The testing incredibly determined that the system is watertight and durable down to a pitch of 10 degrees.