Mayan Roofing Systems combines the old with the new

Here, Mayan Roofing Systems explains its innovative designs as it provides the benefits of mixing the old with the new through combining the traditional appeal of an age-old roofing craft, with the high performance required for modern building requirements and long life.

Mayan Roofing Systems is introducing new and innovative ideas into traditional roofing methods, armed with tried and tested materials and a wealth of roofing experience, to reinvent roofing for the better.

Now, working in close collaboration with Filon Products, who has a vast experience in manufacturing high quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) roofing products, Mayan has invented a series of patent pending roofing systems which combine high performance GRP with natural slate and stone.

This innovative design has resulted in considerably improving the weathering performance whilst simultaneously enabling a dramatic reduction in the possible pitch of slate and stone roofs, while retaining the traditional aesthetic.

The products are also a testament to how Mayan, through its innovative designs, makes use of the high-performance properties of GRP in its new and innovative roofing systems that include the ArmouredSlate, ArmouredStone and RealRidge.

Innovation in action

Slates and stone slates are usually installed in a double lap format, whereby the lower slates are extended above and below the perp join to prevent water passing through the side abutment of each slate. This means the slates are much longer than the area that is seen on the roof and use a large amount of slate.

However, slate roofing uses a wide range of slate sizes to facilitate different roof pitches and weather conditions whereas Mayan’s designs use only one slate length to accommodate the full spectrum of roof pitch requirements and offers low pitch opportunities that were not previously possible without expensive sheet roofing products beneath the slates.

Furthermore, ArmouredStone and ArmouredSlate use a uniquely profiled preformed GRP plate to replace the double lap element of the slates. The patent pending system incorporates exclusive design features to considerably enhance the overall performance of slate and stone roofing.

As a result, Mayan’s Armoured single lap installation method provides an up to 50% saving on slate and an up to 20% saving on batten compared to the standard installation. What’s more, at only 15.4kg/m2 the ArmouredSlate roof is lightweight, so it can be used on applications where previously synthetic slates were the only alternative to natural slate. ArmouredSlate now allows real slate to be used in lightweight or low pitch applications, providing all of the long life, weathering performance and aesthetic benefits of using a natural slate.

ArmouredSlate is also the only lightweight low pitch system that can be used with any type of slate in any type of installation. 

Rigorous testing

To verify the innovative pitched roofing system designs, independent Wind Driven Rain testing to PD CEN/TR 15601:2012 was carried out by ACAS accredited test house, BRE at its facility in Watford. The test results support the use of ArmouredSlate at 10° and ArmouredStone at 17.5°.

RealRidge and beyond

Resilient GRP is also used as the structural and waterproofing element in the all-in-one, patent pending RealRidge application.

Half inch thick slate is specially cut, mitred and assembled together with the innovative components of a vent strip, ridge connector and clips. Combined with the GRP, this forms a unique all-in-one, natural slate ridge which is simple to install and has no visible fixings or clips.

It also provides the permanent free air high level ventilation of the roof space required by building regulations. Suitable for ridge and hip installations, RealRidge is available in four different angles to suit varying roof pitch requirements and the range is completed with complementing block and hip ends. All fixings are included with the ridge and hip tiles, and they do not require the addition of a roll out, dry-fix ridge system.

Looking forward, Mayan’s commitment to innovative roofing design is set to continue with many new and exciting roofing products to come.

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