BlueProof solves flood problems

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Protan has developed a system that solves the challenges of extreme rainfall; Protan BlueProof - a revolutionary water supply system for new and existing roofs. Protan BlueProof redefines the meaning of the roof; Water on roofs should no longer be gone as quickly as possible - it must be delayed.

Can withstand a lot
Most roofs are built to withstand great weight, so they can delay runoff. With the help of Protan BlueProof we get a functional roof, which collects and delays the water entry into the drainage network, thus reducing the congestion leading to flooding and flood damage.

In the Nordic countries, flat roofs have a defined load capacity, and in most cases can withstand more than 300 mm of rainfall per square meter, which corresponds to a full 300 kilos.  We can help with project loadings for UK roofs on request.

Delays runoff
If we have a regular flat roof of 1000m2, with a rainfall of 50 mm in one hour, that is, the roof charges the drainage network with 50 cubic meters of water per hour. If we keep the water back, the water that is built up on the roof will correspond to 50 kg per square meter - ie only 20 per cent of what the roof is designed to withstand, based on the above Nordic loadings. With Protan BlueProof, the drainage is delayed and it will take about a day before these 50 cubic meters of water have entered the drainage network.

Solves both today's and future challenges
Protan BlueProof is sustainable, the solution is environmentally friendly, has a long life and meets not only today's, but also the future challenges associated with overwater management.

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