Avenir Roofing Ltd becomes the exclusive UK distributor of Lineflex Fleece Backed EPDM

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Specialising solely in EPDM Avenir Roofing Ltd, suppliers of Firestone RubberCover are now the exclusive UK distributor of the Lineflex Fleece Backed EPDM flat roofing solution. Lineflex is a heavy-duty Fleece Backed EPDM roofing system ideal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Lineflex Fleece Backed EPDM comprises two EPDM membranes that are laminated to a tough polyester reinforcement layer which greatly increases durability as well as improving tear and puncture resistance.

Lineflex Fleece Backed EPDM membranes are perfect for adhering to most substrates such as timber, felt, asphalt, concrete, fibreglass, insulation boards and more.

Lineflex rolls have a non fleeced edge to enable simple to install heat-welded joins. This type of join is much stronger and more reliable than taped joins, are neat in appearance and can be done in most weather conditions.

The Lineflex Fleece Backed EPDM system offers a combination of features and benefits, making it an ideal solution for a variety of flat roofing projects. The benefits include:

-         Puncture resistant

-         Smooth, wrinkle free finish with no creases

-         Hides imperfections

-         Great adhesion

-         User friendly roll size (1.8m x 15m)

-         Easy to weld joins

-         50 year life expectancy

-         20 year warranty

Avenir Roofing Ltd offer two EPDM membrane thicknesses

L045 EPDM thickness 1.2mm / Total thickness 2.0mm

L060 EPDM thickness 1.5mm / Total thickness 2.3mm

Lineflex EPDM membranes have been certified according to international standards for all areas of use. Lineflex EPDM membranes have CE certification and comply with European norms EN 13956, EN 13859, EN 13967, EN 13361.

Avenir Roofing Ltd offers a range of opportunities for merchants looking to stock and supply the flat roofing system. In addition, Avenir Roofing Ltd provides competitive rates for trade customers.

To find out more about Lineflex, visit the Avenir Roofing Ltd website here.