How high is too high? For us, raising the levels of safety and protection offered to those working at height knows no limits. We have not just watched our industry evolve; we have been at the heart of those developments. We are already experts in the supply, installation and testing of Fall Protection Solutions that meet any working-at-height challenge. So, we set ourselves a new challenge: to design and manufacture our own long-lasting, flexible, re-usable, cost effective Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint System. One that meets your needs today yet is ready for the regulatory changes and architectural innovations tomorrow will bring.

FallAngel, the Fall Protection Specialist found immediate success as a small professional company serving main contractors, architects, and private building landlords. Year on year growth saw the client portfolio expand to include the Building and Construction sectors and develop its expertise from a focus on installation, testing and maintenance of systems to become a major provider of all types of Fall Protection and Personal Protective Equipment to all industries with height safety objectives.

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