Dasa Roofing

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DASA is a UK based, family owned roofing and metal design & fabrication business specialising in facade and standing seam work. We can now offer 3D metal design and installation in steel, copper, zinc and aluminium. All designs can be tailored to your specifications. DASA use only the best coated metals from the top European metal manufacturers.

DASA offers a full service that goes beyond design and installation. At DASA we believe in the synergy between functionality and aesthetics. Our contemporary designs will make your project stand out, whatever the setting and will work, beautifully. Our work complements the traditional and augments the modern. As well as traditional and contemporary roofing, DASA can now offer numerous 3D designs in a combination of metals and coatings. We also offer a custom design service. This gives an unlimited palette to enhance your project. Our installation ensures your project will be able to tackle whatever the heavens decide and still retain its beauty and integrity.

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