An Introduction to Dry Roofing, BS5534 & BS8612

15:15 - 16:00

This workshop aims to provided attendees with a basic knowledge of Dry Roofing, BS5534 & BS8612.

Despite the major cultural shift in BS5534 in 21014 many professionals and specifiers remain unaware of the need and reasoning behind the shift to Dry Roofing practices.

We will also touch on BS8612 which relates to testing of Dry Roofing products.

Durin this session, delegates will learn:

1. What is Dry Roofing and what are the advantages of using it?

2. What is BS5534?

3. Why was there a cultural shift in BS5534?

4. What is BS8612?

5.Additional Learning and Information on Dry Roofing.

Allan Barr, Field Sales Representative, Kytun Dry Roofing