Flat Roofing Problems and How to Avoid Them

10:15 - 11:00

Many flat roofing projects are relatively straight forward in their design. Standard detail here, standard detail there, and then on to the next one. Whilst some of us may work on the same type of project all the time, occasionally we all come across details, constructions and/or methods of application that we are not so used to. This seminar aims to run through some of the less common design questions that we receive as a system supplier and provide clear answers and practical methods for ensuring that your flat roof achieves its maximum potential service life.  

During this session you will learn:

1. Why a flat roof should have a fall and what considerations should be made when you remove it.

2. How to specify the appropriate thermal insulation board.

3. Some common design issues and how to proactively avoid them.

4. How to determine whether your structural deck is appropriate.

5. Why good practise exists and the importance of being methodical.

CPD Approved Session

Shaun Lotay, Technical Director, Danosa