Off-Site Fabrication: Are we ready to deliver?

09:15 - 10:00

Off-site fabrication provides the UK construction sector with one of its biggest growth opportunities. However, the industry needs to ensure that its supply chain is ready to deliver quality products on time. In his speech, Vivalda’s Peter Johnson will look at the following topics:

-The off-site fabrication sector – How big is it now / what is its potential in the UK?
-The challenges of delivering off-site fabrication – time, quality and function issues
-How the construction supply chain needs to emulate that of the automotive sector – JIT, KANBAN etc
-Review of latest statistics on supply chain readiness of the construction sector
-Key lessons and actions for component suppliers


During this session delegates will learn:

1.The current state of the UK construction supply chain
2.What the new generation of off-site fabricators need from suppliers
3. Where suppliers can go for support / training to bring them up to speed
4. What we can learn from the automotive industry

Peter Johnson, Chairman, Vivalda