Supporting the Golden Thread through Product Traceability

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 11:00 - 11:40

Do you know what products are in your building as well as how to find and access accurate information about them? This session explores the issue of product traceability and how the use of Digital Object Identifiers can provide an unambiguous link between a product and its information.  In addition, this session will introduce BSI identify, highlight the benefits, and how it may support the Golden Thread, CCPI, and the challenge of product traceability.

5 key learning points:

1. Understanding of the key issues faced in regards to product information traceability
2. The importance of the ensuring specification isn’t deviated and that the correct product is installed
3. How Digital Object Identifiers can assist with building safety
4. Introduction to BSI Identify
5. Demonstrating how BSI Identify can ensure access to related product information